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Главная » 2011 » Январь » 22 » The awful tortures of the animals in the RF are with out any punishment
The awful tortures of the animals in the RF are with out any punishment
In Saint-Petersburg region one of the inhabitants Rosa Vlasova has been torturing and killing the animals for 5 ears. For more than 5 ears the inhabitants of the district and the representatives of the society turned to the militia-officials many times about this crime. But the militia-officials haven’t done the investigations of those facts and the criminal wasn’t charged. There are a number of the witnesses, who declares that the animals were tortured unthinkably: they were hung alive on the hooks by the throat, beaten cruelly (with the aim to saturate the meat with the blood for gaining the taste according to the Korean receipts), they stripped the skin from alive animals (the lightest way to strip). Rosa murdered by this manner hundreds of dogs. (See the report of Maria Vaskova, photo Zamir Usmanov in the newspaper Smena 18.04.2005). Video 2010.
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