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2009 year. The largest broadcasting company of St.-Petersburg «5KANAL».
The reporting of journalists Evgeniy Novikov, Andrey Kubaev, Andrey Sokolov.  Lyubov Petrova - the mistress of the stolen dog ( Rottweiler-breed) has found remains of the dog on a dump of dogs slaughter-house of R.Vlasova. Conference of defenders of animals. Elena Bobrova (in a white jacket), the president of a society «the Baltic care of animals» makes a report. She speaks about crimes of R.Vlasova, who isn't arrested till now. Journalists show dog's scorched head in territory of a slaughter-house of R. Vlasova. Blood and remains of other dogs in territory of a slaughter-house R.Vlasova.The mistress of the stolen Rottweiler has written the application to the public prosecutor.
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2011 year. The most known TV reporter Andrey Malakhov. The All-Russia broadcasting company. Transfer «Let speak». The mistress of dogs slaughter-house says that she kills dogs by an electric current. She dances and treats journalists with the dog meat. Andrey Malakhov says that R. Vlasova bought up many caught and stolen dogs. She has been killing them and has been selling the dogs meat in the Chinese restaurants. Defenders of animals hold meeting in front of R. Vlasova's slaughter-house.
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